A bit unsure about this referendum?

Why's that then? Is it because you've got lots of questions but few or no answers? Well, we felt like that too, so we've written some short answers to popular and common questions about independence.

Short answers because, let's face it, there are long answers everywhere and sometimes you just need something brief.

Actually, the long answers are where we get our information, so you could consider Referendum Answers to be a kind of first place to look for a quick answer on independence or the referendum. Then, if you want more information or a longer explanation, just click the link at the bottom of the answer to get to the original answer. We'll always link to the source or the original answer.

Yes We're Biased!

This site is for independence. You probably spotted that of course. These answers are to help remove any doubts, or fear, or uncertainty, or scaredyness that you might have about your country being independent again.

We think that when people are informed about independence, when they understand what it could bring for them and their children and the generations to come, then they'll become for independence too. There are more of us than you think who feel this way, and our number is growing every day.

We're all going to vote Yes in the referendum. We hope that you do too on September 18, 2014.

What we're not

We're not a political site. We don't endorse any political party - that includes the SNP, even though we might reference articles about the referendum from their website.

You can vote for whatever party you want at the first independent Scottish general election in 2016. Referendum Answers will be long closed by then.