Referendum Answers

Short Answers to Popular Questions about Scottish Independence

How things work at the moment

Q. Where does our money come from?

A. It comes from your pocket and Scottish industry - nowhere else.

To run the country, the Scottish Government receives a massive chunk of cash from London called the 'block grant', which it uses to pay for all the services that are devolved to Scotland, like the NHS, free prescriptions, free university places, free care for the elderly, schools, emergency services, the arts, justice and the courts, roads, railways, agriculture, fisheries etc.

The Welsh Government also gets a lump of cash and the rest is used to run England and some common services like the House of Lords, defence and Trident and the foreign office. But the amounts that Scotland gets is around £1,200 more per person than what's given to people in England & Wales. So we get more than them. And that's how the subsidy myth was started - England pays for Scottish free prescriptions and free university places and the like.

But here’s the thing. The money London gives us is our money. And that money we give them is way more than what London gives us back. Way more actually: £1,700 more per person than the rest of the UK. In fact, the amount of money we generate is so huge it makes Scotland the 14th richest country in the world (the UK is 18th since you ask).

If we were independent then all the money that we raise would stay in Scotland. We wouldn’t have to hand over any money to London and we wouldn’t have to rely on hand-outs of our own money and suffer insults as we’re told we’re subsidy junkies.

So the next person you speak to that says Scotland’s too poor to be independent, tell them they think that only because we give our money away. With independence, we’ll keep every single penny, which will make us a richer country than the UK.

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