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There's loads of information and news of course in the main-stream media (MSM) but we think they're teensy bit biased in favour of the Union. In fact only one newspaper, the Sunday Herald, is in favour of independence.

As a counter, there are loads of independent sources and blogs written by people and groups who want to present the positive story and counter the untruths or skewed opinions from the likes of the UK Government, the Better Together campaign, most of the UK's newspapers and, dare we say it, the BBC and other broadcasting organisations.

They are some of the brilliant places where we get our information. Take a look when you get a minute.

They might also make you smile at the way in which they demolish some of the rubbish that's talked by the No campaign. Those who say we should hang on to mummy UK's skirts because it's just too hard for our wee country to make its own way in the world again. Aye right.

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